This is what I do.

I see a world bursting at the seams with love, joy and passion, where everyone has what they need, what they want, and what brings them joy. I see a world full of people living their purpose, living the highest version of themselves.

This work that I do? It’s my form of social activism. Helping people free themselves from the reactive and downward spiraling patterns induced by trauma, especially early childhood trauma, so they can live fully in the present moment no longer held back by fear and anxiety.

I’ve been on a healing journey for 30+ years. I’ve done a lot, tried a lot, seen a lot, released a lot, resisted a lot, learned A LOT. My goal as a bodywork practitioner is to utilize my experience; the healing work, trainings, gleanings, etc… to help my clients break through their trauma-induced holding patterns and create a life filled with love, joy, health and adventure.

I see a future filled with people who know who they are, love who they are, express who they are and share the unique gifts that only they can share.

I see a world transformed from one ruled by logic/expectations and rules to one lived with our hearts as the guide, emotions allowed and honored, each person pursuing their passion and allowing others to do the same.

I excel at helping people whose nervous systems have gotten stuck on overdrive to de-stress and find the deep current of peace that exists in all of us. I help clients remember there are possibilities in life, that their needs/desires/emotions are all good, normal and valid. I help them remember they don’t need anyone else to give them permission to live their most joy-filled life; that the body has infinite wisdom that cannot be corrupted/coerced (like the mind).

I help them remember we’re designed to live from a heart-centered place with our intellect as a resource, not our boss. Remember who they are is innately good and Divine, that there’s nothing broken, nothing needing to be fixed.

We simply need to remember.

To do that we need to clear away the physical restrictions, spinning thought patterns and outdated beliefs that cloud our brilliance; our truly radiant, Divine self.

I’m perfectly equipped to do this because it’s been my journey; healing from a place of being defined by others expectations and making every decision considering everyone else first, getting so far removed from the wisdom of my heart/body I had no idea what I wanted in life. I couldn’t answer the question: what brings me joy?

I didn’t know. I could tell you what brought joy to everyone in my family, each and every friend. But for myself… nothing. My body was literally screaming out for something to change. My back was going out on a regular basis, I had to decline invitations to hike, go to music festivals, etc… because I was afraid my body couldn’t do it.

I didn’t trust my body. I felt it was betraying me at every turn, system after system going out of whack: digestive issues, headaches, chronic and debilitating anxiety and depression. My world kept getting smaller and smaller.

I kept ignoring my symptoms, demanding my body get it’s act together. I bragged I had a high tolerance for pain. The doctor I went to see for intense abdominal pain was astounded I’d been living with random gall bladder attacks for 6 months. Most “normal” people, he told me, went to the ER with the first attack.

I wasn’t living my purpose, I was playing it safe. I was playing small. I wanted to stay hidden and safe. And then something inside me broke open. This was no longer okay. There had to be more to life. I finally asked for help.

Today I’m here to tell you life is meant to be more than symptoms, pills, doctors, expectations and blah. You are meant for more than simply surviving.  Are you ready to ask for support? If you’re ready for your life to be vibrant, joyful, purpose-full and love-full I’m your girl.

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Alithea is an expert, intuitive bodyworker who’ll teach you how to transform anxiety, pain and exhaustion with tools meant to support, connect, and empower your inner wisdom and healer. Helping clients live a juicy, out loud and on-purpose life is the mission at Mind the Body Therapies.