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What is fascia? And why should I care?
Fascia is important because it surrounds and influences every system in the body, down to the cellular level. Stated another way, every bone, muscle, organ, nerve and blood vessel in your body is either surrounded or influenced by fascia. Its main purpose is to support your body in maintaining correct posture and alignment, thus giving all your body’s systems space for optimal function. It also has a shock-absorbing role, it is literally the spring in your step. At the cellular level it creates the spaces between cells, and influences cellular respiration, metabolism and lymphatic flow. Healthy fascia glides easily, allowing full pain-free range of motion, easy digestion and elimination, etc.
When fascia starts to malfunction due to injury, surgery, inactivity, chronic poor posture, or inflammation, it can cause the fascia to dehydrate and bind down, causing a restriction. Restrictions limit movement and can cause tremendous amounts of pressure on pain sensitive structures. Because fascial restrictions can spread three dimensionally, they can create seemingly unrelated pain and symptoms throughout the body.

How does myofascial release differ from massage?
1) Myofascial release requires firm skin to skin contact, so no oil or lotion is used. We ask that you do not apply body lotion on the day of your appointment.
2) You will not undress completely. Movement is usually part of every MFR session so we suggest you wear or bring clothing to fit your modesty level. Bra and underwear, a two piece bathing suit or shorts and sports bra for women. Shorts for men. Clothing should be comfortable and free of zippers or tight elastic.
3) This form of myofascial release does not follow any protocols. The same symptoms/diagnosis can arise from completely different and unique patterns of restrictions in the body. Your therapist will be working to find the cause of the issue, so be prepared to have them work on areas that may seem unrelated.
4) Myofascial Release is focused on creating long lasting change. The goal is not relaxation, although that may be how your body responds.

How many treatments will I need?
This is a question we are asked all the time and, it seems like it should be simple to answer. The reality is there are multiple factors that influence how long and how often we will need to see you. These factors include;
1) how intense the symptoms are
2) how long you’ve been experiencing the symptoms
3) how frequently you are getting treated
4) what other modalities you are using
5) how committed you are to a self- treatment program between appointments
6) how motivated you are to change routines/patterns in your life that are contributing to pain/dysfunction

Typically, we will want to see you more frequently in the beginning as it is important to keep interrupting the body from returning to the misaligned posture that is causing the pain/dysfunction. Sessions will taper off as your symptoms improve. Our ultimate goal is to empower you with tools/techniques you can use at home to manage your own symptoms.

Do you accept insurance?
Mind the Body Therapies, Inc does not participate with any local insurance providers. Payment is expected at the time of service in the form of cash, check or credit card. We will be happy to provide you with a payment receipt, complete with date of service and treatment codes that you can submit to your insurance company for possible reimbursement.
We do offer treatment packages that offer savings for those committed to continued care.

What is your cancellation/no-show policy?
Because we set aside a full hour for each client, we ask that you provide us with at least a 24 hour notice of your inability to keep a scheduled appointment, so that we may attempt to offer that time to another client. Currently, we do not charge a fee for no-showing the first appointment as we understand that life can be unpredictable at times. While we understand that life happens, we do reserve the right to charge the full session fee for any subsequent missed appointments.

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