Myofascial Release

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Myofascial Release

We specialize in the John Barnes Myofascial Release Approach, a gentle and highly effective full-body/being modality that uses gentle, sustained pressure to release areas of dehydration and tightness (restrictions) in the fascial system (connective tissue) to alleviate pain and restore flexibility and resiliency. This approach to myofascial release is never forceful… we go to the barrier (restriction) and wait for the release.

Myofascial release is good for: those with chronic pain, those who have seen other health care providers but aren’t seeing the results they want, those who don’t respond well to deep pressure, those who want to be active in their health journey and are ready to make changes in their life to achieve their goals.

There are 3 aspects of treatment utilized in the John Barnes Myofascial Approach: Structural Myofascial Release, Myofascial Rebounding and Myofascial Unwinding.

Structural Myofascial Release:

Structural Myofascial Release uses gentle, sustained pressure directed into areas of restriction, for at least 3-5 minutes, allowing the fascia to soften and lengthen. The nature of fascia is to hold its shape, so the time component is critical and cannot be rushed. Research is now confirming another benefit of longer hold times: after 5 minutes the body releases Interleukin-8, a natural anti-inflammatory.

Myofascial Rebounding:

Myofascial Rebounding is a rocking/oscillating movement that connects into the fluidity of the body. The gentle waves move through areas of restriction, gently releasing subconscious holding and bracing patterns, allowing the body to move more freely.

Myofascial Unwinding:

Myofascial Unwinding is essentially facilitated movement. During a structural or rebounding technique, clients will often feel the spontaneous urge to move. If the client is able to allow that movement, the body’s intelligence will move the body into the position that is needed for a full release. The therapists job is to help remove gravity from the equation, offer resistance as needed and to keep the client safe.

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