Stone & Crystal Medicine

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Stone & Crystal Medicine

Most (if not all) ancient cultures understood the healing wisdom that stones and crystals hold. According to Taoist texts, the use of crystals and stones to activate healing is one of the oldest forms of Chinese Medicine. They work with us at the deepest levels of our being, encouraging us to become the highest version of ourselves. They help us release
outdated patterns and conditioning to reveal the true essence of who we are. Because stone medicine works so deeply, the results they bring are permanent, if slower to emerge. Stone and crystals are placed on the body, along meridians, over chakras and according to intuitive guidance to allow their energy field to influence yours. Stone Medicine treatments are usually deeply relaxing and meditative.
Stone Medicine is good for: those currently in a transition, those who have been struggling with an issue/pattern “forever,” those willing to commit to a course of treatment, those who feel connected to stones, those who do not wish to be touched

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A balanced holistic approach to wellness including Myofascial Release, Stone & Crystal Medicine, and Essential Oils

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